Bill review and approval

No more Approver chasing.
Fully digitised and automated approval process.

Main challenges addressed

Your accounting software does not provide the approval processes you need
Too much time is spent on identifying and chasing Approvers
Control over how the approvals are actually performed is very limited
Establishing backward traceability into approval decisions is hindered

Bill Approval Workflow powered by ApprovalMax

Each Bill is reviewed and approved in accordance with company policies. Approvers receive all the related information, either in the Bill fields or as attachments. There is no need to access the accounting software for Bill approval.

Key capabilities

Multi-Step and
Multi-Level Approvals

Sophisticated approval workflows enable setting up rule-based conditional, sequential, and parallel approvals as well as flexibly defining approver roles. Approval routing rules are captured in the Approval Matrix by the Administrator.

Exception Handling

Non-standard approval scenarios are supported, for example, delegating approval requests, setting a default approval action, forcing the approval decision, and others. Fraud detection capabilities provided.

Notifications and Reporting

Automatic notifications for Approvers and real-time report views of the approval progress help identify approval process bottlenecks and aid the forecast of delays. Audit reports are available in your accounting platform.

Web and Mobile Apps

Maximum ease of use and configuration for business users. Our app provides support for any work scenario, including mobile and web options, we well as the integration with email services.

How it works

Bills are created in your accounting software or pushed to it from an OCR system
ApprovalMax pulls all Bills with the status "Pending approval" and initiates the approval process
Each Bill is routed according to the workflow settings and assigned to the appropriate manager for the defined authorisation level
Approvers receive approval requests including all the related information, either in the Bill fields or as attachments
On its approval via the web or mobile app, the Bill is assigned the status "Awaiting payment" and the accountant is notified about the approval
An audit report is created for the approved Bill, including the Approvers' names, dates, etc.

Why use ApprovalMax for Bill Approval?

Approvers are taken out of your accounting software
Visibility and control is established for the entire approval process
Compliance, accountability, and audit readiness is ensured
Higher process efficiency and team productivity is achieved

Pre-integrated Data Entry / OCR Apps

Pre-integrated with Xero, ApprovalMax works seamlessly with the data entry apps from the Xero ecosystem: Datamolino, EzzyBills and Receipt Bank.


Implement multi-step approval workflows based upon specific criteria for users in your organisation, and approve invoices and purchase orders outside of Xero, once they have been pushed from AutoEntry.


Fully digitised capture of expense data, extended with multi-step and role-based approval workflows. Approvals taken out of emails and fully automated. Enhanced process efficiency, visibility, and control.


Digital capture of invoice data, including line items. Multi-step and role-based approval workflows for AP. No more paper- or email-based approvals. Instant notifications and configurable reporting.

Receipt Bank

E2E digitisation and automation of finance document processing. Minimised paper trail. Time-saving through electronic capture of expense data. Multi-step and automated approval workflows for expense approvals.

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