Creating bills
in ApprovalMax for
QuickBooks Online

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Creating bills in ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online

ApprovalMax enables creation of bills directly in its web and mobile interface without having to access QuickBooks Online. During bill creation, the information on vendors and inventory items gets automatically synced from the corresponding QuickBooks Online account. This ensures the same user experience as if working in QuickBooks Online itself, but with a higher level of data security.

The bills newly created in ApprovalMax are automatically run through the review and approval process and only enter QuickBooks Online after the predefined authorisation process has been completed.

Why use ApprovalMax for the creation of QuickBooks Online bills

Appropriate flexible authorisation process for all QuickBooks Online bills

Use of QuickBooks Online key dictionary information minimises errors

No more missed, duplicate or unauthorised bills in QuickBooks Online

Fully automated approval and audit process always on the surface

This is how it works

Bill creation

New bills are created via the "NEW REQUEST" button. Vendor information such as the address and contact details as well as inventory item data is pulled from QuickBooks Online and entered automatically. Bills can be also copied from approved purchase orders.

Multi-step and multi-role authorisation

The automated approval workflow routes bills through a multi-step and multi-role authorisation process that is based on one or several criteria pulled from QuickBooks Online, such as vendor, amount, category, class, location.

Approved bill

Once fully authorised, bills are pushed to QuickBooks Online. An audit report that captures the authorisation history including approver comments is created and attached automatically.

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Does the relevant information such as category, vendor, class, location, etc. get pulled from QuickBooks Online or do requesters have to add them manually in ApprovalMax?+

All data required to create a bill is automatically synced from QuickBooks Online, there is no need to enter it manually.

Can bills be created and approved without accessing the QuickBooks Online accounting software?+

Yes, there is no need to access QuickBooks Online for the creation or approval of bills.

When will a bill created in ApprovalMax appear in QuickBooks Online?+

Bills created in ApprovalMax only appear in QuickBooks Online once they have been fully approved in ApprovalMax.

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