Xero-connected sales
invoice creation
and approval

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Review and approval of sales invoices

No matter if they were created manually in Xero or pushed to Xero by a time management or project automation tool (like WorkflowMax), ApprovalMax pulls automatically all sales invoices in the status "Awaiting Approval" and routes them as predefined in the approval workflow - which is based on one or several criteria such as client, amount, account (GL code), tracking category, etc.

Once reviewed and fully authorised, sales invoices get published to Xero in the "Awaiting Payment" status. At this point, they can get sent to the clients and are accounted for in the GL reports.

Why use ApprovalMax for sales invoice approval

Single point of truth for the review and authorisation of sales invoices

Improved accuracy and no need to correct sales invoices already sent to clients

Proper authorisation levels in a fully automated approval process

Transparent approval process always on the surface

No delays and full certainty regarding the correctness and delivery of sales invoices

Ensured accountability, compliance with internal controls and complete audit trails

This is how it works

Fetching sales invoices from Xero

Sales invoices are created and submitted for approval in Xero using WorkflowMax or any other workforce management tool. ApprovalMax pulls all sales invoices that have the "Awaiting Approval" status, including the relevant details, and starts the multi-step approval workflow.

Multi-step and multi-level authorisation

Approvers then review the sales invoices and either approve or reject. They can leave a comment (optional), request changes to be made and, in case of rejection, give a reason for their decision. When there are new approval requests, the respective approvers - typically account and project managers - are notified immediately that their review and authorisation is required and also sent continuous reminder emails.

Approved sales invoice

When all approvals are in place, the sales invoice status is changed and it gets moved to the "Awaiting Payment" list in Xero.

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Is it possible to approve sales invoices prepared in WorkflowMax or any other project management tool?+

Yes, the only condition is that they are pushed to Xero in the "Awaiting Approval" status.

Do sales invoice creators and/or approvers need access to the Xero accounting software?+

No, there is no need to access Xero for sales invoice creation and approval. All data in Xero is fully protected from unauthorised access.

Can ApprovalMax automatically email sales invoices to customers?+

No, not yet.

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