Xero-connected purchase
order creation
and approval

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Raising and authorising purchase orders on the go

In ApprovalMax, purchase orders can be raised and then run through a predefined multi-step and multi-role authorisation process. Both the creation and approval of purchase orders is possible on the go using the mobile app as well as via the web interface.

After a purchase order has been authorised, it is synched to Xero for further processing and can be automatically emailed to the supplier. It will also be available later for Bill-to-PO matching.

Why use ApprovalMax for purchase orders

Granular definition of requester purchasing rights

Single point of truth for all purchase order-related authorisations

Approval process automated and kept on the surface

All authorisation-relevant information for approvers in one place

Timely notifications to approvers and comment-based communication with requesters

Complete spend management when combined with Bill-to-PO matching

This is how it works

Purchase order creation

Purchase orders are created in ApprovalMax - via the web application or in the native mobile app. Various purchase order parameters such as supplier, account (GL code), tracking categories can be used to limit purchase order requester rights. It is also possible to pull purchase orders from Xero.

Multi-step and multi-level authorisation

Purchase order approval routing is based on the authorisation rules specified by the administrator. Approvers receive approval requests in the form of an email notification, or in the app. Approval requests contain all approval-related information and have the purchase order attached. In case of rejection, a free-form comment can be added for the purchase order requester.

Approved purchase order

Once fully authorised, purchase orders are automatically created in Xero and can be automatically sent to suppliers.

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Can requesters use tracking categories such as supplier and account (GL code) from Xero in ApprovalMax or do they need to add them manually?+

All the data required to create purchase orders is automatically synced from Xero, there is no need for manual entries.

What are the criteria that can be used to restrict requesters when they raise purchase orders?+

Restriction criteria are configured in the requester matrix and limit the available choice of supplier, account (GL code), tracking categories, item, tax, branding.

Do purchase order requesters and/or approvers need access to the Xero accounting software?+

No, there is no need to access Xero for purchase order creation and approval. All data in Xero is fully protected from unauthorised access.

Can approvers review and respond to purchase order authorisation requests by email?+

Yes, approvers receive timely email notifications with all purchase order details. They can respond by clicking either the Approve button or the Reject button, and optionally provide an explanatory comment for requesters.

Can requesters add attachments during purchase order creation?+

Yes, during the purchase order creation in Xero it is possible to attach files. However, some technical limitations do apply:
● Max. size - 3 MB
● Max. number of files - 9

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