Sales Invoice approval

Accuracy and correctness of detail for AR documents

Main challenges addressed

Incorrect or incomplete Sales Invoices are communicated to clients
Lengthy internal review and correction cycles delay Sales Invoices
Lack of graded review and approval processes for Sales Invoices
No accountability regarding Sales Invoice review and approval decisions

Sales Invoice Approval Workflow in ApprovalMax

Your Sales Invoices will always be provided in full correctness and detail as agreed with the client. Sales Invoices can be validated and authorised outside of your accounting software.

Key capabilities

Multi-Step and
Multi-Level Approvals

Sophisticated approval workflows enable the setup of rule-based conditional, sequential, and parallel approvals as well as a flexible definition of Approver roles. Approval routing rules are captured in the approval matrix by the Administrator.

Exception Handling

Non-standard approval scenarios are supported, such as delegating approval requests, setting a default approval action, forcing the approval decision and others. Fraud detection capabilities are provided.

Notifications and Reporting

Automatic notifications for Approvers and real-time report views of the approval progress help identify approval process bottlenecks and aid the forecast of delays. Audit reports are available in your accounting platform.

Seamless Workflow with Job Management Software

Being pre-integrated with Xero, ApprovalMax can pull both Sales Invoices created in Xero and those created in job management software with Xero API support. Once pulled from Xero, Sales Invoices are routed to the respective Approvers according to the predefined approval workflow.

How it works

Sales Invoices are either created in your accounting platform or pushed to it by an external job management system
ApprovalMax pulls all Sales Invoices with the status "Pending approval" and initiates the approval process
Each Sales Invoice is routed according to the specified workflow settings and business rules
Approvers receive approval requests including all the related information, in the Sales Invoice fields and as attachment
Approvals are performed via the web or mobile app; in case of rejection, a comment can be provided for the Requester
The status of a validated Sales Invoice changes to "Approved" and it can then be sent out from your accounting platform

Why use ApprovalMax for Sales Invoice approval?

Full correctness and completeness of Sales Invoice data is delivered
Proper authorisation levels and approval grading is established
Sales Invoice review and approval cycles are optimised
Accountability, compliance, and audit-readiness is ensured

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