Purchase Order creation and approval

Purchase Order creation and approval taken out of your accounting software

Main challenges addressed

Undefined Requestors rights and request limits
Manual routing of PO requests to designated Approvers
Poor control and lack of visibility into PO approvals
No backward traceability into approval decisions

PO Creation and Approval Workflow by ApprovalMax

Employees can raise Purchase Orders without having to access the accounting platform. Guardrails are provided for Purchase Order creation. Notifications are sent to Approvers, PO approval can be done on the go.

Key capabilities

Guardrails for PO Creation

Granular settings are provided that limit Requestors in terms of POs they can raise, e.g. limits by amount, supplier, tracking category. Requestor roles can be flexibly set up to ensure POs are raised strictly in line with the authorization level of the Requestor.

Multi-Step and Multi-Level Approvals

Sophisticated approval workflows enable setting up rule-based conditional, sequential, and parallel approvals as well as flexibly defining approver roles. Approval routing rules are captured in the Approval Matrix by the Administrator.

Notifications and Reporting

Automatic notifications are provided to Approvers; Requestors are also automatically notified in case of request rejection. Real-time report views of the approval progress are available to help identify approval process bottlenecks and forecast approval delays.

Mobile App and Approvals by email

Maximum ease of use and configuration for business users. The app supports any work scenario, including mobile and web options, as well as the integration with email services.

How it works

Purchase Orders are created in ApprovalMax - via the web or native mobile app;
Guardrails for PO creation determine order parameters such as inventory items, suppliers, tracking categories, and accounts;
Purchase Order routing is done based on the workflow settings defined by the finance manager;
Approvers receive approval requests including all the related information, either in the PO fields or as attachments;
Approval is performed via the web or mobile app. In case of rejection, a comment can be provided for the Requester;
Purchase Orders are automatically sent to the supplier, and a copy is created in the accounting platform for the corresponding Bill processing.

Why use ApprovalMax for PO Creation and Approval?

Requestors and Approvers are taken out of your accounting software
Visibility and control established over the approval process
Automatic notifications to Approvers help avoid requisitioning delays
Approval decisions are fully traceable and accountable

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