Mobile app for approvals

The ApprovalMax mobile app for both iPhone and Android platforms facilitates raising purchase orders and approving all kinds of requests for Xero and QuickBooks Online.

On-the-go approvals

With the ApprovalMax mobile app, approvers can review and authorise finance documents from their phone. All approval-related information will be included in the approval request.

Sequential approval workflow for Purchase Order approval

Purchase order raising

The ApprovalMax mobile app allows to raise purchase orders on the go. Apart from creating new purchase orders, requesters can also make changes to those they have already created and resubmit them for approval.

Sequential approval workflow for Purchase Order approval

Bill creation in ApprovalMax

The ApprovalMax mobile app enables the creation of bills for Xero and QuickBooks Online. Bills newly created in ApprovalMax automatically undergo the predefined review and approval process before being published to the corresponding general ledger.

Sequential approval workflow for Purchase Order approval

Push notifications

There is no need to keep the mobile app open all the time: when there is a new finance document submitted for approval, the respective approvers are notified instantly via push notifications and can make their approval decision right away.

Sequential approval workflow for Purchase Order approval

Benefits of using the ApprovalMax mobile app

Suppliers, contractors, volunteers are able to create bills without accessing Xero

Approval turn-around times are significantly shorter

Easy purchase order and bill creation on phones, with all related data pulled from the general ledger

All requests including the related information are readily available in a remote or WFH environment



For which platforms is the ApprovalMax mobile app available?+

The two most popular smartphone platforms are supported: iPhone and Android phones. Both apps provide the same functions.

Is there an app for tablet devices?+

No, there is no special app for tablet devices; it is recommended to use the web application here.

Are approvers notified about new approval requests?+

Yes, they are notified with push notifications and can make an approval decision with just a couple of clicks.

Is the app only for approvers, or can requesters use it to raise purchase orders or create bills on the go as well?+

Yes, it is possible to raise purchase orders and create bills on the go, so the ApprovalMax mobile app is for both approvers and requesters.

Is the mobile app free?+

The ApprovalMax mobile app is included in the subscription price, there is no extra charge.

Where can I get the ApprovalMax mobile app?+

Just open Google Play if you are an Android user or the Apple App Store if you are an iPhone user and search for "ApprovalMax".

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