Ensure Transparency, Accountability, and Compliance


Approval Workflows for Finance and Accounting

ApprovalMax enhances cloud accounting software with approval workflows that enable multi-step and role-based approvals, facilitate approval process automation, and provide for exception handling and reporting.

Multi-Step and Multi-Level Approvals

ApprovalMax provides complex approvals ensuring that all approval decisions are performed by employees with the appropriate authorisation level as well as in full accordance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Multi-step workflows

Conditional approvals and approval matrix

Sequential and parallel approvals

Amount-based authorisation levels

Visibility and Control over the Approval Process

ApprovalMax enables real-time report views of the approval progress and allows generating automatic notifications to Approvers. It also helps identify approval process bottlenecks and forecast delays.

Automatic notifications to Approvers

Clear presentation of the approval flow

Reports on pending and delayed approvals

Approval history logs

Custom status report for all Bills

Custom status report for all Bills.

Exception Handling

ApprovalMax allows extending the generic approval workflow with a variety of non-standard approval rules and approval roles to tailor the approval process to specific business and compliance requirements.

Default Approvers

Approval delegation

Safety catch

Forcing approval decision

Force Approval Decision capability that allows making the approval decision by an Administrator

Force Approval Decision capability that allows making the approval decision by an Administrator.

Compliance and Accountability

ApprovalMax delivers all approval data in audit-ready form. It enables generating default and custom reports as well as taking proactive fraud detection measures such as tracking approval activities performed outside of the approval workflow, e.g. in Xero.

Security settings

Audit reports

Fraud detection

An Audit Report and Fraud Prevention and Detection capability

An Audit Report and Fraud Prevention and Detection capability.

Ease of Adoption, Ease of Use

ApprovalMax ensures maximum ease of use and configuration for business users. The app also provides support for any work scenario, including mobile and web options, as well as approve from e-mail capability.

Fully cloud-based

Mobile and web access

Approve from e-mail capability


ApprovalMax is designed to be extremely easy and highly intuitive.

Approval flows can be created in a web browser.

Approvers receive approval requests in the web or mobile app, or as an email notification. Mobile apps are available for both iPhone and Android platforms.

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