Approval workflow automation

Make the most of online approval workflow automation

ApprovalMax provides robust approval workflows aimed at enforcing financial controls for cloud accounting. It streamlines the authorisation process thanks to a highly intuitive user interface, automated notifications, the ability to work on the go and much more.

Multi-step and multi-level approvals

Sophisticated approval workflows facilitate the setup of rule-based conditional, sequential and parallel approvals as well as a flexible definition of approver roles. The approval routing rules support multiple criteria, such as amount, GL code, supplier and tracking category for Xero and Vendor, Class, Amount and other for QuickBooks Online.

Automated notifications and comments

ApprovalMax shows real-time report views of the approval progress and generates automatic notifications to approvers. It also helps to identify approval process bottlenecks and forecast delays. Comments can be provided at each approval step to facilitate team collaboration.

On-the-fly changes and exception handling

ApprovalMax supports approval exceptions with various capabilities: approval delegation, default approvers, the detection of "No approver found" cases and the option to force an approval decision.

Mobile, web and email approval options

ApprovalMax ensures maximum ease of use and configuration for its users. With both mobile and web access as well as the "Approve from email" function, any work scenario is supported.

Benefits of using ApprovalMax for approval automation

Unified and standardised authorisation for all finance documents

Flexible, multi-level routing with approval criteria based on custom accounting rules

No-hassle approvals with automated notifications and the option to approve on the go

Complete approval traceability and automated audit trail



Can we route documents based on information specific to the accounting system such as a set of GL code, tracking categories, supplier/vendor or the location?+

ApprovalMax fully syncs up core data with the accounting system and allows using information specific to the accounting system to provide guardrails during purchase order and bill creation as well as for the automated routing of approval requests.

Can I use multiple criteria to configure approval workflows?+

Yes, a lot of our customers use multiple criteria when setting up the approval matrix, for example: amount + account or amount + tracking category.

Can I reassign an approval request to someone else if I think that I am not the right person to authorise it?+

Yes, approvers can reassign documents to other approvers if they feel that someone else should be authorising. This will be documented in the audit trail.

Can approvals be delegated, for example, if a decision maker goes on holiday?+

Yes, it is possible to set a delegate during the absence of the specified approver (because of a holiday, for instance). He will be making the approval decisions while the actual approver is out of the office.

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