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End-to-end process automation delivers more efficiency and tighter control

ApprovalMax and

Account Payables Automation

Bill processing and payment enhanced with multi-step, role-based approval workflows and approval process automation. More Bills processed in less time. Full process accountability and transparency.

ApprovalMax and Chaser:

Approval and Credit Control Automation

End-to-end process automation for finance document approvals and credit control. Approver and debtor chasing taken out of emails. Significant time-saving and reduced human error.

ApprovalMax and Datamolino:

Paperless Accounting Automation

Fully digitised capture of expense data, extended with multi-step and role-based approval workflows. Approvals taken out of emails and fully automated. Enhanced process efficiency, visibility, and control.

ApprovalMax and Expensify:

Employee Expense Reporting and Approval

Works seamlessly with Xero. From receipt scanning to reimbursement, coupled with multi-step and role-based review and approval workflows. Fully digital and cloud based processes.

ApprovalMax and EzzyBills:

Digital Approvals and Invoice Automation

Digital capture of invoice data, including line items. Multi-step and role-based approval workflows for AP. No more paper- or email-based approvals. Instant notifications and configurable reporting.

ApprovalMax and Receipt Bank:

Expense Management Digitised and Automated

E2E digitisation and automation of finance document processing. Minimised paper trail. Time-saving through electronic capture of expense data. Multi-step and automated approval workflows for expense approvals.

ApprovalMax and WorkflowMax:

Decision Control and Job Management

Sales Invoices created with precise tracking of time and costs. Sales Invoice approvals taken out of emails and fully digitised. Higher project profitability and audit readiness at any given time.

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