Partner solutions

End-to-end process automation for higher efficiency and tighter contol

ApprovalMax and

Account Payables Automation

Bill processing and payment enhanced with multi-step, role-based approval workflows and approval process automation. More Bills processed in less time. Full process accountability and transparency.

ApprovalMax and Chaser:

Approval and Credit Control Automation

End-to-end process automation for finance document approvals and credit control. Approver and debtor chasing taken out of emails. Significant time-saving and reduced human error.

ApprovalMax and Datamolino:

Paperless Accounting Automation

Fully digitised capture of expense data, extended with multi-step and role-based approval workflows. Approvals taken out of emails and fully automated. Enhanced process efficiency, visibility, and control.

ApprovalMax and Receipt Bank:

Expense Management Digitised and Automated

E2E digitisation and automation of finance document processing. Minimised paper trail. Time-saving through electronic capture of expense data. Multi-step and automated approval workflows for expense approvals.