Not-for-profit is a generic term for a variety of diverse organisations like churches, charities, schools, sports associations and others. They all have strict requirements in terms of authorisation transparency, spend traceability and audits as their budgets are particularly rigid and usually determined from outside the organisation.

ApprovalMax helps NFPs meet these requirements in the most convenient way by moving spend approvals outside of the accounting platform and enabling a completely paperless multi-layered approval process. Automatically created searchable reports give a complete picture of all approval- related details, which simplifies audits significantly.

What organisations get out of it

Complete eradication of error-prone manual or email-based authorisations

No more time spent on approver chasing and approval routing

Clear segregation of duties in the spend control process

Approval process on the surface and ready for review

Automatically generated audit reports attached to every purchase order and bill

Full audit readiness and ensured regulatory compliance

Learn all the details of setting up financial controls for not-for-profits from our dedicated playbook!

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Who already tried ApprovalMax for NFPs


Director of Accounting

In ApprovalMax we found a tool that is focused on getting the documentation out to the client in a flexible, rule-based manner at a cost that we can absorb in a fixed price costing. As a result we have moved away from clients signing - or authorising - paper documents and let ApprovalMax take care of it.


Finance and Systems Director

In the UK alone, Freedom Church currently has six church locations as well as several central offices; each one with their own utility/rent bills and personal expense claims. All expenditure need the approval of both the local church leaders and the UK facilities manager, making a UK-wide coordination of bill approval extremely challenging! ApprovalMax is just perfect for managing the expense claims and other bills generated by our UK-based churches and the central team; we run everything through this app.


Head of Business

We love ApprovalMax! This application is so simple to use and easy to implement. It's also really robust - it just always works. Our clients are very happy with it.


Partner, Business
Advisory Services

With many of our clients operating as non-profits, Grant Thornton needed a Xero- connected solution for bill automation and financial controls that would enable us to deliver efficiently both accounting and advisory services - including vCFO - to our NFP clientele. ApprovalMax was selected as the best-in-class Xero-connected approval automation app. It has since become an essential part of Grant Thornton's trusted finance app stack as it significantly improves the invoice management cycle and facilitates audit readiness.

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Establishing financial controls for NFPs

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