End to end purchasing automation

Simplify and automate purchasing. Establish control and foster compliance.

Main challenges addressed

Poor definition of spending and purchasing roles and authorisation limits
Difficulties with reconciling Bills and Purchase Orders
Lack of audit trails for Purchase Order and Bill approval decisions
Need to take Requesters and Approvers out of the accounting software

Purchasing Workflow

End-to-end purchasing solution: Purchase Order creation, PO approval and its submission to the supplier, matching of each Bill with the corresponding Purchase Order, and Bill authorisation.

Key capabilities

Approval Workflows for Bills and Purchase Orders

Your cloud accounting platform is extended with sophisticated review and approval workflows which enable conditional, sequential, and parallel approvals as well as a flexible definition of authorisation levels, e.g. spending limits or cost centres.

Matching of Bills and Purchase Orders

Bills can be manually matched with the corresponding Purchase Order(s), and reviewed and approved based on the matching. The amount check capability verifies that the total Bill amount does not exceed the amount of the initial Purchase Order(s).

Notifications and Reporting

Automatic notifications for Approvers as well as real-time report views of the approval progress and the received invoices help identify any bottlenecks, discrepancies, delays in the review and approval process.

Complete Audit Trail

A detailed and precise history of all approval decisions is provided for audit and compliance control purposes. Upon the final approval, an audit report based on the audit trail logs is created to enable tracking of all key approval decisions; ensuring audit readiness at any given time.

How it works

Purchase Orders are created and approved in ApprovalMax and then sent to the supplier automatically; a copy is created in the Xero accounting platform
On receipt of the supplier's invoice, a Bill is generated in the Xero accounting platform; either manually or via an OCR system
The Bill is routed according to the workflow settings and assigned to the appropriate manager holding the proper authorisation level
Manual matching of the Bill with the corresponding Purchase Order(s) is done; the amount check is performed to make sure that the total amount of the Bill does not exceed the amount of the initial Purchase Order(s)
Once approved via the web or native mobile app, the Bill is assigned the status "Awaiting payment" and the accountant is notified about its approval
An audit report for the approved Bill is generated, including the Approvers' names, dates, etc.

Why use ApprovalMax for PO Creation and Approval?

Easy-to-set-up workflows and clearly defined purchasing steps, roles, and authorisation limits
Tighter control over spending with the Bill to Purchase Order Matching capability
All review and approval decisions are fully compliant and audit-ready
Higher process and data security because Approvers and Requesters are taken out of the accounting software

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