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There are several reasons why schools often struggle with budget control. Not only are budgets tight and reporting requirements strict, their budget holders are really busy with teaching tasks and this doesn't leave enough time for administrational work. Lots of varied expenses mean schools get hundreds of invoices every month and if they are processed manually, approving and storing them on paper for audits involves a great deal of time and effort.

That's why ApprovalMax helps schools set up efficient paperless approval workflows to save time and enable remote co-operation. Automatically created searchable reports give a complete picture of all approval-related details, which simplifies audits significantly.

What schools get out of it

Complete eradication of error-prone manual or email-based authorisations

No more time spent on approver chasing and approval routing

Option to provide requesters with guidance on best value for money in terms of supplier choice

Centralised spend control for multi-academy trusts with easily replicable and quickly modifiable multi-step and multi-level workflows

Automatically generated audit reports attached to every purchase order and bill

Full audit readiness and ensured regulatory compliance

Learn all the details of setting up financial controls for schools from our dedicated playbook!

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Who already tried ApprovalMax for schools and colleges


Head of Xero
and X for Education

Value for money is best achieved by implementing efficient and transparent workflows. They deliver accurate finance data, show how money has been spent, where there's room for improvement, and even control who can purchase what from which supplier. It's high time for the education sector to stop using those outdated paper-based processes! Implementing Xero and ApprovalMax improves overall efficiency and those in charge of the academy finances can see that.


Business Manager

We got ApprovalMax for the paperless distribution of invoices and easy tracking of the approval process. It also lets us set up multiple approval levels depending on invoice amounts. In general, it saves us a lot of time. Suppliers are encouraged to email their invoices straight to Hubdoc and the finance department makes sure they go directly to the responsible budget holders, who'll find a digital copy in their ApprovalMax records. So, nothing gets lost any more. Every invoice with the complete approval history is stored in Xero, which has significantly reduced both the on-site visit time for annual audits and follow-up enquires.


Financial Controller

ApprovalMax helped us pass an external audit, allowing us to address some points raised previously. This gave us the opportunity to focus on more productive issues, while minimising the time spent on audit preparation.



ApprovalMax is the perfect tool for schools wanting to move to a paperless system. By significantly increasing the efficiency of approvals, ApprovalMax speeds up transaction management processes considerably. It provides busy teaching staff with easy and quick access for approving invoices, and saves finance administrators a lot of time. Combined with Xero and Hubdoc, ApprovalMax ensures a seamless management of the payables process and also generates automatically detailed audit records.

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Financial controls for quickly growing multi-entity organisations

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