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Achieve better team efficiency and higher individual productivity


AP review and approval workflows for purchasing, requisitioning, and general spending. Full accountability and control over Bill authorisation, even with thousands of documents monthly. Audit readiness & cost transparency.


Purchase Order creation and approval for construction materials. Bill approvals in line with business specifics. Spending control via Bill to Purchase Order matching, audit trails, and reporting.

Churches and Charities

Multi-level and multi-step approval routing. Granular authorisation levels. Complete visibility into the approval decision-making as well as fully configurable reporting. Audit readiness and transparency.

Education (Schools and Colleges)

Multi-step and multi-level approval workflows for expense management. Regulatory compliance and audit readiness. Full accountability and traceability for expense approval decisions. Extremely easy to set up and change.

Event Management

Approval tracking for finance operations. Granular authorisation levels, delegation of approval decisions, and exception handling. Approval history and detailed audit reports for external auditors.

Financial Services Companies

Enabling shared financial services and remote accounting services. Compliance, accountability, and control through leveraging cloud approval workflows. Higher process efficiency and increased team productivity.

Government Services

100% regulatory compliance. Approvals for both AP and AR finance operations. Exception handling and fraud prevention. Comprehensive reporting for both management and audit purposes.

Not-for-Profit Organisations

NFPs are subject to tighter regulations and their spending frameworks are different to those of commercial organisations. ApprovalMax meets these needs with granular approval workflows, exception handling, audit trails, and reporting.

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