Fetching bills
from Dext Prepare
for QuickBooks Online

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Dext Prepare is directly integrated to ApprovalMax to provide bill processing and approval solution for QuickBooks Online. All supplier invoices that have been digitally captured by Dext Prepare can go directly to ApprovalMax for multi-step and multi-role authorisation.

Approval routing takes place according to the predefined review and approval workflow, which is based on approval criteria pulled from QuickBooks Online, such as vendor, amount, class, category. On approval completion, documents are published to QuickBooks Online ready for payment, along with the automatically created audit report.

This is how it works

Pre-accounting data capture

Bill review, matching and authorisation

Approved bill

Dext Prepare needs to be configured to send all digitally captured invoices to ApprovalMax instead of QuickBooks Online.

Pre-accounting data capture

After extracting the relevant invoice data, Dext Prepare enters the information into the bill fields and attaches an invoice scan to the digital invoice copy before pushing it to ApprovalMax for authorisation.

Bill review and authorisation

In ApprovalMax, each invoice is routed to the appropriate manager with the specified authorisation level as determined in the approval matrix.

Approved bill

Once approved via the web or mobile ApprovalMax app, bills are published to QuickBooks Online. A notification about the successful authorisation is sent to the specified address. A detailed audit report containing the approvers' names and approval dates is created automatically and attached to each approved document. Such automatic audit trail can be accessed directly from QuickBooks Online.

Benefits of the direct Dext Prepare to ApprovalMax integration for QuickBooks Online

Keeping the general ledger orderly

No unauthorised bills in the accounting system as only fully approved bills are published to QuickBooks Online.

Minimising the risk of fraud and human error

Approving bills in ApprovalMax ensures that only authorised people review and approve the spending.

Completely paperless workflow

Data automation and approval process automation ensure there are no manual interventions or paper trails.

Facilitating WFH

Fully digital workflows enable remote collaboration for geographically distributed teams and teams working from home.

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What if I have bills or expenses that do not require an approval?+

No problem, you can still use the Dext Prepare to ApprovalMax configuration. The approval workflow in ApprovalMax can be set up in a way that individual documents which don't need to go through an approval process are identified as such and published to QuickBooks Online straight away.

What happens with rejected documents?+

Rejected documents need to be resubmitted for approval via Dext Prepare. If required, changes to the documents can be made in Dext Prepare.

Should Dext Prepare be connected to QuickBooks Online as well?+

No, Dext Prepare is connected to ApprovalMax, and ApprovalMax is connected to QuickBooks Online. Please note: ApprovalMax needs to be connected to QuickBooks Online first before Dext Prepare is connected to ApprovalMax.

Is it possible to push bank transactions?+

Not yet. Currently, workflows which include the Dext Prepare to ApprovalMax integration can only process bills.

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