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Digital invoice approval for streamlined spend control

ApprovalMax provides workflow automation for bills to fully replace paper- or email-driven approval routing and establishes granular financial controls for any kind of spending accounted for in QuickBooks Online.

As soon as a bill appears in ApprovalMax, it is automatically routed through a multi-step and multi-role approval process that is based on predefined criteria, such as vendor, amount, category, class, location, etc.

Once reviewed and authorised, bills are pushed to QuickBooks Online ready for payment, with the audit reports automatically attached.

Why use bill approval automation with ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online

No more missed, duplicate or unauthorised payments

Single point of truth for all bill-related authorisations

Approval process automated and kept on the surface

Shared accountability with clients when making payments

Improved real-time data quality and forecasting

Facilitated audits, less preparation time, more transparency

This is how it works

Bill fetching

Fetching bills for review and approval can happen in different ways. One option is to create a bill in ApprovalMax. Another option is to use Dext Prepare to digitally capture the invoice and then push an electronic version of it directly to ApprovalMax for subsequent review and approval.

Multi-step and multi-role authorisation

The automated approval workflow routes bills through a multi-step and multi-role authorisation process that is based on one or several criteria pulled from QuickBooks Online, such as vendor, amount, category, class, location.

Approved bill

Once fully authorised, bills are pushed to QuickBooks Online. An audit report that captures the authorisation history is created and attached automatically.

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Creating bills in ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online

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Receiving bills from Dext Prepare

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Can we use QuickBooks Online data such as category, vendor, class, location, etc. to automatically route the approval process?+

Yes, ApprovalMax allows the use of any QuickBooks Online data in any combination to provide automated routing of the approval process.

Can approvals be done without accessing the QuickBooks Online accounting software?+

Yes, there is no need to access QuickBooks Online for bill creation, review and approval.

Can we use any digital data capture tool for our bill review and approval process?+

For QuickBooks Online, ApprovalMax currently supports only a direct integration with the leading pre-accounting digital data capture tool Dext Prepare. However, the support for other digital data capture tools is on our product roadmap.

What happens once a bill has been approved in ApprovalMax?+

Having passed successfully the ApprovalMax review and approval process, bills will be stored in QuickBooks Online together with a complete audit log securely attached and are ready for payment.

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