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Head of Business Outsourcing
ApprovalMax is an important part of BDO's outsourcing offering as it provides better transparency and control of the finance authorisation process, and helps enable remote management of our clients' finance operations while making sure that levels of data accessibility and security remain high.


Finance Manager
As a small organization with a number of part timers, home workers and a volunteer board of trustees, invoice approvals have always been difficult. The solution offered by ApprovalMax offers oversight, transparency, accountability and, most of all, efficiency. Approval takes one click, and queries can be raised and tracked. Once it's in place you wonder how you survived without it!


This is an excellent add-on. ApprovalMax addresses one of the key issues with Xero - the missing authorisation process for Bills. With ApprovalMax I do not need to chase managers to get their approval.


Group Business Manager
We made a real step forward when ApprovalMax was introduced to help streamline our processes and remove the need for paper-based filing and approvals. Even during this really buzzing fortnight when the whole team are on-site at the Brisbane Showgrounds and everyone is extremely busy with preparations and managing important tasks, Department Managers just need to make a little time to open their emails or smartphone app and approve their invoices. So easy. So convenient. So efficient.


We use ApprovalMax because we needed to ensure we had an easy and audit friendly method to track approvals that connected with Xero. This enabled us to not require everyone to have a Xero account because they can have just an ApprovalMax access. The process of setting up was easy and enabled us to set up the approval flow in minutes!


ApprovalMax enables us - in the simplest way possible - to create a complex approval matrix wherein we define roles, business rules, and routing workflows, while being intuitive and easy to use. We now have the ability to track the approval status, pinpoint bottlenecks in the process, and make sure everything is completed in a timely manner.


ApprovalMax is a powerful approval management tool and another great tool for our online-accounting toolbox. ApprovalMax allows us to offer a ready-to-use seamless control system for our larger cloud based (Xero) clients who are looking to get a handle on their workflow, whether it be Sales Invoice approvals, vendor bill approvals or other. I would certainly recommend ApprovalMax!


Financial Controller
Since moving to Xero we have been looking for a way to improve our paper based Accounts Payable approval system. Enter ApprovalMax, which provided us with exactly what we needed, allowing us to create complex approval processes that cover different tracking categories, GL codes, suppliers and amounts. With ApprovalMax and the integrations with Receipt Bank and Xero we have been able to half the amount of time taken to process creditors.


As a team we have been able to significantly improve speed, scale, and transparency of our accounting processes. The processing of invoices and purchase orders became faster and more efficient.


Finance Director
ApprovalMax fully fits the LeoVegas mobile-first mentality and excels in the provision of an efficient cost control environment. Its practical and intuitive offering enables our decision-makers to act with full visibility and retain total control of all their costs on the go. ApprovalMax is a genuine asset within the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry, and what's best, it's something we'll never outgrow!


VP Finance
ApprovalMax provides exactly what we need. Since Xero does not have a very good approval process in place, ApprovalMax takes care of this really well. You can set it up in 5 minutes and the integration works a treat. No more bugging Approvers to have them log into Xero and sort out approvals!


Partner - Accounting and Outsourcing Solutions
ApprovalMax is a powerful application that enables us to create sophisticated workflows. It has helped us to improve the accuracy of the invoices we send to our clients and has eliminated the need for us to maintain approval paper trails. I really appreciate that ApprovalMax is being continually updated to make it even better. They really listen to our feedback. I would strongly recommend ApprovalMax to anyone. Definitely one of the very best Xero connected app partners.


Finance Director
We are a group of companies in three different locations through the UK, we use Xero as our Finance Package so we needed to find a system that would produce efficiencies for our very manual purchase invoice approval system. There was only one system that leapt out of the search - ApprovalMax. It enables the Admin office to scan invoices into to Xero and get them approved by the respective Approver, Manager and Finance, then it posts the approved invoiced into Xero, job done nice and smooth and we don't have to spend money on envelopes!


Business Advisory Services
The support, communication, and quick responses we have received from ApprovalMax and its team has been seriously top notch at every level! It makes our job so much easier when it comes to helping our clients gain efficiencies in their business when we can recommend a solution like ApprovalMax, knowing the ongoing feature development and the support is all there in a big way. ApprovalMax helps make our job of growing our clients business take the forefront, with a fully featured cloud solution that does exactly what is sets out to do. ApprovalMax continues to deliver at every step.