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Approval Automation for Cin7 Core

Approve everything
in one place
Prevent fraud
Tighten financial
Keep approvers out
of Cin7 Core
Quickly set-up approval workflows
Enhance security and efficiency by connecting ApprovalMax and Cin7 Core (formerly known as DEAR)

Approval Automation for Cin7 Core

Enhance security and efficiency by connecting ApprovalMax and Cin7 Core (formerly known as DEAR)
Why ApprovalMax + Cin7 Core?
Quickly set-up inventory management specific approval workflows
Accounts payable and finance teams can use ApprovalMax to set-up automated approval workflows that pull purchase orders and invoices from Cin7 Core, and send them to relevant stakeholders for approval. Approval workflows can be created to suit unique business requirements for inventory related purchase orders and invoices. Workflows can be set up with multiple stages (approvers) and conditions specific to Cin7 Core such as product type, category, or inventory account.
Approve everything in the one place
When ApprovalMax is used in conjunction with Cin7 Core and accounting software, such as Xero, QBO, or Netsuite, all approvals are reqested, granted, and stored in the one place. This significantly improves accounts payable organisation, processes, and auditing capabilities.
Keep approvers out of Cin7 Core
Improve data security in Cin7 Core, and save on licenses when your decision makers no longer need to access Cin7 Core to view inventory related bills and purchase orders for approvals.
Tighten your financial controls
from one point
ApprovalMax offers more than approvals. When connected to Cin7 Core, this solution allows you to tighten your financial controls by adding in sophisticated processes that can help mitigate fraud, improve cash flow, and audit who is approving bills and purchase orders.

Why ApprovalMax:

Keep the approvers out of the accounting system

Flexible approval workflows

Automatically generated audit reports

Eliminating paper and manual approvals

How it works