How to broaden your business value and client relationships

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As accountants and bookkeepers, you’re always looking for new, innovative ways to acquire more clients and build stronger relationships. This could look like anything from implementing referral programs and running various marketing campaigns, to raising your business profile through events and conferences. With the calendar year coming to a close, you may be looking at any number of strategies to help grow your client lists, but are you making the most of your existing client relationships? 

You might have heard that it costs as much as five times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing client. Perhaps you’ve even experienced first-hand how much it truly costs to acquire a new client through advertising. Instead of doubling down on your acquisition projects, now is the perfect time to take stock and focus on your existing database. 

Think about it this way: by expanding your business offering and working on client relationships, you put your firm in the best position to generate more revenue from existing clients while also using these improvements to impress potential clients.

Introducing the ApprovalMax Strategic Value Guide.

In this guide, we explore how you can generate more value for your business by implementing strategies and processes that will strengthen your client relationships and improve your services. You’ll learn:

  1. the benefits of acquiring new clients vs. upselling to existing ones
  2. how to add more value to your existing top-tier clients
  3. how to provide top-tier experiences for your clients
  4. how to modernise your service offering and streamline your processes
  5. how to use automation to improve client relationships
  6. how this NZ-based firm increased business from their clients with approval automation.

Download the guide and learn how your client relationships could translate to greater value.

Strategic value guide: how to keep your top-tier clients & deliver better business outcomes

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